What is it?

Torto Racoon is a Youtube channel dedicated to the different topics surrounding the video game industry and the impact it has on the community in different ways. The information is gathered meticulously from different sources with different points of view and as a creator, I translated the information into a story that the viewers can enjoy as well as comprehend the matter.

One of my favorite examples is Gamer Gate, a scandal in which developers and game reviewers were discovered red handed with an agenda to publish information in a way that would promote games, or even wrote game reviews in which conflict of interests were involved.

Different game consumers got together into a group to show disagreement towards this situation and so this group was named Gamer Gate after it was compared to the Water Gate scandal. This group took measures in order to change the way information was given by the media, but their actions got many people for or against Gamer Gate as they took on public figures.

In my video, I explained the big picture, the conditions in which the media was operating in a way so they could generate revenue out of promotion disguised as information; I unfolded the very specific case that led to Gamer Gate, the purpose of the group and how they changed the way promotions and information based on products were regulated by the Federal Trade Commission in the US. Gamer Gate top members called my video “the best explanation on this regard not only in Spanish but generally speaking”.

What is the target audience?

Video game consumers, people who are interested into understanding the happenings behind the games they enjoy playing, because I raised awareness about the things surrounding the development process defining what we will have to play tomorrow.

Though the content sometimes involved talking about mature issues such as economic or political background, I talked in a way that the younger audience would get involved, so they understand things like “Why paying for an online service can actually improve the experience from when it was free”, “Why does a certain person leaving the company would actually make the game they worked for better/worse?”. I like as well when the young ones ask questions on these regards, and even when I did not always know the answer, I was willing to find it.

Some other videos in my channel are dedicated to analyze games as products, their achievements in terms of design, mechanics, planning, etc. As well as their deficiencies, which I also try to complement with what in my opinion would make the game better. I talk about the future of gaming and now, with consumers centered in mobile phone devices, I focused a part of my attention in the mobile market for its accessibility to non-frequent users, or the casual players, opening a wide door to potential consumers.

Torto Racoon is a place in which the information was put on the table to be discussed with the community that I built over the years, so we can just take our plates and serve ourselves with the best of what the game industry has to offer.

With the community, I unraveled the all strings of most complex plots in videogaming, as well as put the changes on the industry according to different factors such as the new technologies and the transformation in the demand for new experiences.

How big is the audience?

The Youtube Channel currently has over 55 thousand subscribers, and over 5 million views.

How did the project sustained?

I used to be part of a network which for a while was the best way to create revenue from videos. However, most of it came from sponsored videos from Patreons and donations from subscribers.

As the channel was gaining relevance, I started to get free games from developers (contacting RP’s from developing studios), which translated as spending less on videogames. At the same time, I got invited to videogame events like the Electronic Game Show (EGS) and the Xbox Fan Fest as a Content Creator, both of which were convenient places to promote my channel and get me close from more Game developing companies like Monkey Squad (Kerbal Space Program development team).

The key for the growth was entirely based on exposure and keeping the channel in the spotlight, for which collaboration with other channels and study of trends played a huge role. Tools like Google Trends or Twitter Trending Topics, as well as being up to date with the market helped to create a good scenario for discussion.

I studied Google AdWords, which helped me building campaigns that I used to promote the channel.

What I seek in a company is to work side by side with a team that shares the very same passion I have for the industry and put our skills together so we can achieve greater goals. I wish for a team that gets completed by the skills of each of its members. I wish to help into the creation of great video game products and spread the word of its existence.

I strongly and firmly believe that being part of that team will fulfill me in a professional way.

Why moving from this project to a company?

The videogame industry is my passion and the reason to invest time and money in a project like this, but being rewarding as it is, a Youtube channel as a business is also demanding in many ways and the efforts needed to make everything work smoothly are titanic as require lots of professional preparation in many areas: marketing, video edition, design, writing skills, language skills (as most of the material came from English Speaking sources), voice talent, administration, social relations.

What can be expected from the creator?

The content creator needed certain skills to ensure the engagement and expansion to new audiences, the management of information, organization of resources, design and the appropriate use of graphical support to communicate an idea. Most importantly, the creation and management of a channel needed of willingness and commitment to a long term rewarding project, as well as patience to learn new skills with limited resources.

In the creator of this Youtube channel, you will find passion and love for the industry and the dedication to provide the best gaming experience to the world.


What is the creator expecting from the company?

For the love and passion to the industry, I’m expecting to be part of a team that works together to make great gaming pieces that will make communities come together, that will make friends and families play.

I expect to be part of a team that’s oriented to the joy of players and not only to the games as products.

Contact information

For inquiries regarding my games, design or youtube content, I’ll be checking through:


Mitaka, Japan.

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