Who I am:

I am Erick Landa, known as TortoRacoon by the internet communities and videogame industry.

Certificated with a Science Communication Degree from the ITESM (“Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education” in English) and validated with a Diploma in International Marketing and Business Administration by the King George International Business College in Vancouver, Canada.

Content creator in Youtube with the same name since 2014, dedicated to collect stories and analyze video games from their gameplay mechanics, narrative structure and their influence in the industry (content in Spanish, my native language). My activity and participation in the internet community got me invited to events with the participation of different video game companies.

Worked as a tester assistant for Timwe Group for one year, a Portuguese technological solutions company that provides assistance to mobile-driven businesses (mobile game developers, apps, mobile operator content, etc.) activities involved me as a game tester, market analyst and assistant in the localization of software from English and Portuguese to Neutral Spanish (understood as Spanish well suited Latin American Countries).

I moved to Japan with the purpose of being more involved with the industry, and be part of a team that creates experiences for the players going beyond the boundaries of language, for which I’ve been studying Japanese ever since.



Likely to keep doing a
task until it’s finished,
prefers completing
small tasks in one run.

Thirsty Brain

Prioritizes the understanding
of tasks with
less experience in order
to master them.


Classifies resources for
future use in order to
achieve efficiency.


Works better when the
goals are set higher.


Contact information

For inquiries regarding my games, design or youtube content, I’ll be checking through:


Mitaka, Japan.

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