2D Platformer with Climbing mechanics and puzzles where exploration is key to find Temples to move the story forward or find secrets to upgrade your attack and abilities.


Torto’s ship crashed in Klux Island where a Divine signal is impeding the engine from rebooting. The Gods of the island have set a curse to prevent anything from leaving the Island, so Torto will have to confront the divine in order to scape.

Getting access to the temples require a trial full of puzzles and enemies. You will have to explore the island and find your way to new areas by combining your techniques (Air Dash, Wall jump, Air Slash propel and hanging from objects). Some areas will be sealed with doors that open by activating switches, as well as different kinds of puzzles that you will encounter as you move deeper in the Island.

Puzzles in in Klux Island defy gravity. The energy of your crystal consumes when you dash, so you have to look for the way up with the powers at your disposal.

Different monsters live in the Island and add an extra challenge to the obstacles you need to overcome to reach new areas. However, Torto’s abilities are enough to face any contender and can even absorb the life of his enemies in order to heal himself up.

Gods in Klux Island are powerful adversaries that protect each area, providing the final challenge before you get on your way to new challenges.

These boss battles have different stages that get more intense as their health depletes.

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